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asphalt_driveway_002Chances are high that if you have come across this website you are actively considering the idea of maintaining, repairing, or completely replacing your property’s driveway. It is also very likely that you aren’t quite sure where to start.

Here at, we pride ourselves in giving the very best information regarding the paving and driveway business. We stay abreast of the latest options in the industry for anyone that seeks to increase their knowledge on the subject before spending their hard-earned money on an option that may not properly suit their needs. 

Something as innocuously simple as a driveway is actually an important piece of your property that requires expert attention and proper maintenance in order to really get the most value for your home.

It is not uncommon for the owner, tenants, or customers using the premises to not even think twice about the importance of a good driveway.

paverdriveway001It cannot be overstated how important it is for your property’s appearance, but for its functionality and safety as well. If you plan on putting your property on the market sometime in the future, consider the value of a good driveway to the future homeowner.

Your driveway is important, and can potentially increase other expenses which otherwise could have be avoided if an expert driveway contractor and quality materials were used. Whether it be incorrect leveling and grading or a poorly chosen surfacing type for your geographic area- it’s probably just not worth the trouble or the expense.

It is absolutely critical that the contractor chosen has a reputation for good work leading to a strong work history.

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Gravel Driveway InstallationAny material chosen to create the driveway, regardless of the contractor, will need to be maintained to maximize the life expectancy of the driveway. Heat, cold, rain, snow, ice melt, and the simple act of driving a vehicle will all factor into the general wear and tear that the chosen material will endure. It cannot be stressed enough that proper maintenance reduces further large investments down the road. Typically, it is wise to implement a 3-5 year maintenance plan. 

With all that being said what choices are available on the market when it comes to material and which is best for your particular situation? Fill out the form on this page to get a quote from a trusted and professional driveway contractor, today.

What are the tire marks in my driveway and is the driveway damaged from them?

One of the most common calls a paving contractor will receive in the summer months is from people wanting to know what the round circles and black stripes are in their new driveway . People describe the tire marks as round swirls or rough spots. I tell them that there is usually nothing to be concerned about.

Asphalt takes 6 – 10 month to “oxidize” or get a hard crust on the surface. Asphalt does not cure like concrete. It work on temperature and compaction. When the asphalt is rolled at the proper temperature to the proper thickness the pavement is as hard as it will get.

Prior to oxidizing, during the heat of the day ,the surface of the driveway will heat up superficially and when the tires of the car are turned while the car is at a stand still you may get tire marks. The reason is that some of the fine sand and small stones will get turned up creating a swirled pattern. Likewise when you come into the driveway at speed. You will see light black stripes from your car tires. Again the tires are turning the sand in the asphalt . Tire marks are part of normal use of the driveway.

It is true that you can try to cut down on the tire marks. One way is to keep the car in motion while turning the steering wheel . Another is only going in and out of your driveway when the temperature cooler such as in the morning and late evening. Most times that wont be convenient . Most people try for a while and then give it up. which in my opinion is OK because the marks generally blend in with the rest of the driveway over time.

As always if something bother you or you have a question about your paving project call your contractor to take a look at it. Asphalt is a very forgiving material and most things can be touched up or fixed if necessary.

A good paving contractor will always give good customer service long after the check is cashed.