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DrivewayInfo.com. is the #1 comprehensive resource on the internet for all of your driveway construction needs. As you go through the information on this site, you will be able to decide what kind of driveway you need, what it will be made of, and how big your driveway should be. We will provide information regarding how your driveway will be constructed, and the materials that will be required to properly and professionally complete the job as well as the basic application of that material. You will be armed with the best knowledge of how to pick the right contractor (the one who will do the right job for you and not cut corners). Learn how to avoid shady contractors and the shady deals that these so-called experts will sell you.

David McFarlane, founder of DrivewayInfo.com and owner of McFarlane Asphalt, is a second generation paving contractor with over 35 years of hands on paving experience. David worked for and was trained by his father, John McFarlane, who is also an expert in the asphalt paving field. David attends paving seminars and classes annually to provide you with all of the latest paving techniques and technologies. His expertise has touched every page of this site, with the goal of providing a resource to homeowners that might otherwise be taken advantage of by the lesser professionals in the field.

Thank you for taking the time to look at DrivewayInfo.com. We are confident that we can guide you on your quest for the right information to help you make the right decisions for all your driveway needs.

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