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asphalt_driveway_002Finding the best professional in Bergen County NJ to perform asphalt driveway installation should not be a difficult and frustrating experience. When it’s not installed properly, it can be an extreme eyesore at best and a dangerous wreck at worst. Sadly, this is a common occurrence for many homeowners. There are many unscrupulous people, and you should be very careful when choosing a driveway contractor for an asphalt paving project. There are many things to keep in mind when finding an asphalt contractor for a new driveway in Bergen County NJ. As a homeowner, you want to get the best work for the best price. A driveway is a solid investment that adds to the value and quality of your home. Not to mention it’s one of the first things people see when looking at your property. Don’t forgo quality just to save a little money. Many so called driveway contractors are nothing more than scammers waiting to take your money. Finding a driveway installation company in Bergen County NJ with a good reputation for doing quality work at a reasonable price is what this website aims to give you.

Bergen County NJ’s Best Asphalt Paving Contractors

It’s a tough task trying to find out all the required information about local asphalt contractors in Bergen County, NJ. has everything you’ll need to know in one convenient place. There are few places you can find all of this reliable information about asphalt driveway contractor services in Bergen County, NJ without doing a lot of legwork.

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Asphalt Driveway InstallationThere are few places you can find reliable information about asphalt driveway contractor services without doing a lot of legwork. can help you, free of charge, find a qualified, trusted, and insured contractor to replace or install a new asphalt driveway.

We have rigorous checks in place to ensure you get the best experience possible. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Here are some of the pre-screening options all contractors must pass:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Ongoing Proof Of Liability Insurance
  • License Check
  • Reference Check
  • Strict Adherence To Guidelines

You have can rest assured that your family and your property are safe when choosing one of our pre-screened contractors. We pass all contractors through a thorough Criminal Records Check, Identity Verification, Sex Offender Registry, and also a Terrorist Database. Failing any one of these disqualifies a contractor from working with us.


Proof Of Insurance

All contractors must provide proof of current and ongoing Liability insurance. This gives you and the contractor protection in the event of property damage or injury. If at any time the insurance lapses, we are notified. The contractor is immediately disqualified from our list until such time as they reinstate their insurance.


License Checks

Where applicable by state, county, or city law, we verify that all contractors are properly licensed. Like our insurance requirements listed above, we also verify that all contractors maintain their license. If any contractor is found to be out of compliance, they are immediately removed from our listing and can reapply for listing once they have adequate proof of required licensing.


Reference Checks

All contractors must not only provide references, they must provide references that show the quality and staying-power of their work. This allows us to get a better picture of the overall customer satisfaction level and the expertise of the contractor. We can then filter out any contractor who doesn’t provide high quality work or exceptional customer service.


Strict Adherence To Guidelines

There are very strict guidelines regarding proper practice and application of manufacturers specifications, and require our contractors to meet or exceed these expectations. If you have any dispute or complaint regarding one of our contractors, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a swift arbitration.

Already Hired the Wrong Bergen County Paving Contractor?

It happens to the best of us – you hired an asphalt contractor in Bergen County NJ who either didn’t do the job right, or didn’t finish the job at all. Though our main goal is to help you so that these things don’t happen, if they do happen we can still help. Use our “Report a Bad Contractor” option on our drop down menus to help us build up our information to help future readers and customers. You can be assured that we know the asphalt driveway business.

We have many years in this business in the Bergen County NJ area, and know what to look for that the average consumer doesn’t. We can spot cut corners and shoddy workmanship. We filter out any contractor whose work is sub-par. We are in this business to help you find a reputable and trusted driveway contractor in Bergen County NJ, and don’t accept anything less than the best. Our years of experience can help you find a driveway contractor in your area that will install your asphalt driveway right the first time. Your investment will increase the value of your home for years when installed the right way. Also it will add some curbside appeal which can not only make your home look more attractive, but if you’re looking to sell can help sway potential buyers in the right direction. makes driveway installation a painless and easy experience. We put our knowledge to work for you, to ensure our contractors not only provide stellar customer satisfaction and craftsmanship, we also require our contractors to provide you with the knowledge to maintain your driveway and keep it beautiful for many years to come. Why go through all the hassle of looking up local asphalt contractors in Bergen County NJ when we’ve already done all the work for and put it somewhere convenient and simple. Trust us to help you find the right contractor for your driveway needs.

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