Report An Asphalt Driveway Contractor

You don’t have to settle for an asphalt driveway that falls short of your expectations.

Have you hired an asphalt paving contractor and felt as if you received
sub-standard work?

It only takes a short moment of your time to file a formal complaint against an undeserving asphalt contractor to make us aware of your situation and you can do that below.

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Here, at, we believe that all driveway installation contractors should take great pride in their work. Sadly that is not always the case and this hurts the industry and your paycheck! We feel that the money you work so very hard to earn should only be gained by others, regardless of industry, when earned in a manner you feel is appropriate for the level of service delivered to you. A driveway that is poorly cured, will lead to cracks and, eventually, will crumble. While nature will eventually take its course, a properly installed driveway should last you a good deal of time (anywhere from 12-35 years depending on proper treatment and service every 4-5 years), and should be a good investment for you to consider when adding to the value of your home. A job done in an improper manner is a job done not at all.

Therefore, if you feel you have not received the level of service you deserved, we would very much like to hear your story. Do not feel as if you have exhausted every avenue of recourse available to you. We will come to your aid and attempt to remedy the situation with the contractor in question and come to an equitable resolution that you are satisfied with. If the contractor continues to defraud you, don’t think you are the only one who has been wronged. Chances are that others in your neighborhood may fall for the same scam. We will do everything in our power to spread the word that the contractor in question is undeserving of clientele and will continue to place pressure on them to right their wrong. Here at, we feel accountability is a team effort and we would love to have you be a part of our team.

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