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A professionally crafted and dependable concrete driveway is one that can be practically guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Concrete Driveway InstallationInterested in finding dependable and proven concrete contractors in your area? Then you have found what you are looking for! We specifically focus our efforts on finding the best commercial paving and residential driveway contractors. Our goal is to unequivocally compare and determine the finest concrete contractors in your area. Our website will connect you with trusted contractors that provide competitive concrete driveway installation quotes.

Because of the high demand for concrete driveways and repair, it’s increasingly simple to become a concrete contractor. It’s almost as easy as choosing a name, website and buying a wheelbarrow. And of course, because there are many inexperienced concrete contractors, who may be more concerned about the elaborate brick pattern than how well pitched and sound the foundation, there is a high demand for concrete driveways and repair. It seems at every home repair mega store and corner shop bulletin board, every online contractor databank, every do-it-yourself magazine, even on the roads, there’s another concrete contractor at the ready.

But what’s “good for business” is not always truly good business. Inexperienced concrete and cement contractors often lack liability insurance or a guarantee for their dubious craftsmanship. Many times, even the most honest and well intentioned contractor can cause damage to the property owner’s home or office. These businesses usually collapse and leave their former clients little to no recourse for compensation and repair. All too often home owners hire someone to provide the functional and elegant investment of a well-built concrete driveway, and get much less than they bargained for.

Concrete Driveway PavingThere are so many inexperienced contractors as many areas continue to be developed, and shoddy work that only lasts a short time has become common place. The business of concrete driveway installation, unfortunately, is filled with intentional fraud and corruption. Victims of unethical, inexperienced, or just downright criminal concrete contractors are made every day. And the most heartbreaking part is that the victims of shoddy concrete contractors don’t know they are victims until years later, long after the contractor has vanished.

You have can rest assured that your family and your property are safe when choosing one of our pre-screened contractors. We pass all contractors through a thorough Criminal Records Check, Identity Verification, Sex Offender Registry, and also a Terrorist Database. Failing any one of these disqualifies a contractor from working with us.


Proof Of Insurance

All contractors must provide proof of current and ongoing Liability insurance. This gives you and the contractor protection in the event of property damage or injury. If at any time the insurance lapses, we are notified. The contractor is immediately disqualified from our list until such time as they reinstate their insurance.


License Checks

Where applicable by state, county, or city law, we verify that all contractors are properly licensed. Like our insurance requirements listed above, we also verify that all contractors maintain their license. If any contractor is found to be out of compliance, they are immediately removed from our listing and can reapply for listing once they have adequate proof of required licensing.


Reference Checks

All contractors must not only provide references, they must provide references that show the quality and staying-power of their work. This allows us to get a better picture of the overall customer satisfaction level and the expertise of the contractor. We can then filter out any contractor who doesn’t provide high quality work or exceptional customer service.


Strict Adherence To Guidelines

There are very strict guidelines regarding proper practice and application of manufacturers specifications, and require our contractors to meet or exceed these expectations. If you have any dispute or complaint regarding one of our contractors, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a swift arbitration.

So, how can they keep doing it and why isn’t anyone trying to stop them?

Concrete DrivewaysIt’s simple: People don’t buy many concrete driveways in their daily lives. Unless someone owns many homes, or is in the business of buying, restoring and selling homes, most people will consider a new driveway once or twice in a lifetime.  Many are unaware of the factors of proper preparation and technique that make the difference between a long lasting investment of durable concrete, and a pile of rubble after a couple winters.  And the unethical contractors looking to exploit or an inexperienced contractor looking to impress, will take advantage of their customer’s innocence.  They already know the questions home owners are told to ask to find a good contractor, and they know the answers people want to hear.  They are all convincing and agreeable when they want to be, sometimes even seemingly generous by offering deep discounts or faster service. And they know their cut corners and sloppy foundations won’t show themselves for years, and after your money is long spent.

Regrettably, after thousands of dollars are wasted on the initial installation of the driveway, more money is needed to fix the poor result. Instead of an investment to your property, you have an eyesore of discolored patches and spreading cracks will diminish your property value, which doesn’t even account for all the time and frustration wasted with the wrong contractor.

It is because it is so easy to become a victim of an inexperienced or unethical contractor that we are in business for you!

During our years of experience in the trade of installing and maintaining residential driveways, we’ve learned how to recognize the contractors that will give you years and years of satisfaction, and help steer you away from those who may need a bit more practice and those looking to fleece you. On this site is everything you need to know before you pick a concrete contractor, all in one place! We offer honest and reliable information to better equip you to make a sound decision in all the techniques of proven installation and preservation. After a few minutes researching our page, you may save thousands of dollars and hours of migraines.

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