Report A Concrete Driveway Contractor

You should never settle for a concrete driveway project that is less than your expectation.

Have you ever received work which you felt was substandard when you’ve hired a concrete paving contractor?

It doesn’t take long to file a formal complaint against a concrete paving contractor who is unworthy of your business and let us know about what’s happened to you. If this possibility interests you, take the first step below:

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At, we believe that concrete driveway installation contractors should hold their work up to the highest standard possible. When this isn’t followed, it hurts the entire industry not to mention your paycheck! We feel that you should only part with your hard earned money when you are satisfied with the service that has been rendered. When a driveway isn’t cured properly will eventually crack and crumble. While nature will run its course eventually, you should expect that a driveway which is installed properly by a trustworthy driveway installation contractor should last you 25-50 years, with maintenance performed every 4-5. When a job is performed which doesn’t measure up to these standards, it should not be considered a job at all.

If this has happened to you, you have a right to tell others your side of the story. Don’t think that you have no recourse. will come to your defense and attempt to remedy the situation with the contractor and try to force them to resolve the issue until you are satisfied. Don’t be under the impression that if a contractor has done this that it has only happened to you. It’s likely that others in your area have fallen for the same scam, which is why we will do everything in our power to spread the word and continue to put pressure on them. We feel that nothing is as important as accountability.

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