Find A Gravel Driveway Installation Contractor

There’s more than one reason why gravel driveways and crushed stone driveways are very commonly seen in a great variety of locations.

Gravel DrivewaysFirstly, they are the most affordable of the four categories of driveways. Secondly a lot of the maintenance can be done yourself. Also, they can be installed in a very short period of time. Another advantage is the fact that with different color gravel, there are more color options available to homeowners. Finally, it can be driven on as it’s being installed over the typical 1-3 day period. Minimal impact on the daily routine is an important factor for many homeowners.

There are several important factors that should be kept in mind, however. If you are going to install a new gravel driveway it is of prime importance to find a trained professional who can trust. There is a great deal of planning that goes into the process before it can be undertaken involving drainage. This will minimize the continuing maintenance that you will have to put into this new driveway. You should also keep in mind the fact that although some of the maintenance can be performed yourself, gravel driveways, due to their nature, require the most ongoing maintenance of any type of driveway. Also, if you live in a region prone to great amounts of snow, this maintenance becomes much more difficult as a result of snow removal operations. When the snow is removed, gravel goes with it, and come spring you will have to put it back.

Gravel Driveway InstallationThis brings us to the question of how to find a gravel driveway contractor that you can depend on. This is something that has proven a lot harder for many homeowners than it should be. One of the reasons is that as certain areas increase in development there is an increasing demand for more contractors. A lot of times contractors step up to meet the task that are inexperienced and will lack the attention to detail your home deserves. Many times these contracting companies don’t last, and when several years down the line it becomes apparent that you need a completely new driveway installation, you are left with no recourse.

This is sadly the case because there aren’t as many regulations in place in this field as there should be, and homeowners need someone they can turn to. Apart from inexperienced contractors, many contractors actively seek to take advantage of homeowners who haven’t dealt with this process before. Obviously, the vast majority of people don’t seek out major driveway installations or repair very often.

Gravel Driveway is here as a recourse to help you find contractors that are worthy of your hard earned money and worthy of performing work on your home. We do the legwork involved in finding the best driveway contractors in your area so you don’t have to. We have a rigorous pre-screening process that will make sure your home only receives work from the best.

We make sure that every contractor in our database has the proper liability insurance. This is extremely important as it makes sure all parties are protected adequately in case of any injury or damage that could occur during a driveway installation. When a contractor fails to keep up their insurance, we are notified, and will promptly remove them from our database until they rectify the situation. The same is true of the proper licensing, which will be different depending on what area the contractor is working in. All of the contractors listed are current on both their liability insurance and their licensing.

You have can rest assured that your family and your property are safe when choosing one of our pre-screened contractors. We pass all contractors through a thorough Criminal Records Check, Identity Verification, Sex Offender Registry, and also a Terrorist Database. Failing any one of these disqualifies a contractor from working with us.


Proof Of Insurance

All contractors must provide proof of current and ongoing Liability insurance. This gives you and the contractor protection in the event of property damage or injury. If at any time the insurance lapses, we are notified. The contractor is immediately disqualified from our list until such time as they reinstate their insurance.


License Checks

Where applicable by state, county, or city law, we verify that all contractors are properly licensed. Like our insurance requirements listed above, we also verify that all contractors maintain their license. If any contractor is found to be out of compliance, they are immediately removed from our listing and can reapply for listing once they have adequate proof of required licensing.


Reference Checks

All contractors must not only provide references, they must provide references that show the quality and staying-power of their work. This allows us to get a better picture of the overall customer satisfaction level and the expertise of the contractor. We can then filter out any contractor who doesn’t provide high quality work or exceptional customer service.


Strict Adherence To Guidelines

There are very strict guidelines regarding proper practice and application of manufacturers specifications, and require our contractors to meet or exceed these expectations. If you have any dispute or complaint regarding one of our contractors, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a swift arbitration.

Gravel driveways can be a low cost way to make your home more beautiful, especially with the customization that it provides. Don’t let a sub-par contractor ruin this for you, leaving you needing another driveway within several years. Make the smart choice and avail yourself of’s extensive experience in this industry. We will weed out the contractors who are not worthy of your attention. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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