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Paver Driveway InstallationWhen was the last time you drove by a home or through a neighborhood, to see that so many of the homes had great curb appeal. Were you completely shocked to see how nice these homes looked, and how something like a driveway could be the one thing that tied the look together? When interior decorators talk about the focal point of a room, something that they eyes are drawn to, it usually completes the look. Sometimes with the exterior of the home, it’s the landscaping or the color the shutters on the house. But, may times, it’s the driveway, especially if it’s a driveway done with pavers. Having a driveway done with pavers is a great way to improve the value of your home, the look of your home, and have a quality driveway that will last for years.

When investing in brick or concrete pavers, the look will make such a difference that you’re going to be scratching your head as to why you didn’t do this sooner. Pavers, which come in rich colors and many shapes, can turn a drab surface into something beautiful. This will most definitely revive the look of your home, and probably be the favorite remodeling project you’ve ever invested in.

Paver DrivewaysSo when you decide to go ahead and have a paver driveway installed, you will need to find a quality contractor who can do a good job. You will want to hire a driveway contractor who specializes in driveway installation. Don’t try this on your own- be sure to let us help you find the right paver driveway contractor for your needs.

We will be sure to help you find the best driveway contractor for a paver driveway in your local area. This is a process that is not supposed to be difficult for homeowners, but frequently ends up being so. There are many fraudulent contractors out there who are just out to scam hardworking homeowners out of their hard earned money. That is why we have a series of checks in place to make sure that whoever you hire is worth receiving your business. A driveway installation should be thought of as an investment, and before rushing into anything you want to make sure that you are choosing the best contractor possible for the job. will make sure that any contractor performing work on your home will pass a series of tests to make sure you are receiving work and customer service of the highest quality.

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Criminal Background Checks

One of the services we offer is making sure that any driveway contractor you hire has been prescreened through our background checks. This will insure that your family and property are safe. Everyone is passed through a Criminal Records Check, Identity Verification, Terrorist Database, and Sex Offender Registry. If just one of these categories is not passed, the contractor is disqualified.


Insurance Verification

Liability insurance is crucial when hiring a driveway contractor. This ensures that both you and the contractor in question are protected in case there is injury or property damage on the job. To this end, we make sure that every driveway contractor in our database provides proof of their current and continuing liability insurance. The moment their insurance lapses we are notified, and for your protection will disqualify them from our list until they are reinstated.


License Checks

Checking that all driveway contractors have the proper license is also extremely important. will verify that every contractor in our list has the necessary license to work in your state, county, and/or city. Again, if they fail to maintain their license we are notified, and will pull them from our listings until they address the issue.


Reference Checks

We require that every contractor in our list must provide references that show the quality and staying-power of their projects. This empowers us to really see how they’re doing in terms of not only quality of the work they provide, but the level of customer satisfaction. This ensures that you will only find contractors through us who come recommended from homeowners like yourself.


By adhering to this list of stringent requirements, we can maintain a list of driveway contractors that will only provide the best for you and your home. We also make sure that any contractor follows manufacturers’ specifications for application of materials.

If there is any dispute between you and any of the contractor’s that come recommended from us, don’t hesitate to let us know so that we can mediate and resolve the situation quickly for you.

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