Report A Paver Driveway Contractor

Why would you settle for a sub-par paver driveway installation?

Have you ever hired an interlocking paver contractor and received work that fell short of your expectations?

Filing a formal complaint against an undeserving interlocking paver contractor and making us aware of what’s happened to you won’t take much of your time. If this is an avenue you’re thinking about exploring, take the first step below:



What would you like to report?

We believe that driveway installation contractors should be held accountable when they provide work which is less than satisfactory. When customers are defrauded, it hurts the industry at large as well! We don’t think customers should part with their hard earned money unless they have received care which is worthy of it. Eventually, a poorly installed driveway will crack and crumble. Even though nature will do the same in time, a properly installed driveway should last you anywhere from 20 to well over 25 years, depending on the materials that were used for the job. A driveway installation when done properly will add value to your home, so never settle.

To this end, make sure you take the proper steps and tell us your story when you fall victim to a substandard driveway installation contractor. Never feel like you have nowhere to go in this case. We will do everything possible to get the contractor in question to make amends and settle with you. Keep in mind that if you have been a victim it’s likely that other people in your area have had the same thing happen to them. We will make the effort to let everyone know that this contractor isn’t worthy to receive the hard earned money of homeowners like you. We at feel like a team effort can go a long way towards bringing accountability.

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